Status Update

SO, last night while I was working in the local supermarket my boyfriend, Chad, walks in. He goes on to tell me that random numbers have been texting him to meet up at the supermarket to talk about things and we mutually agreed that it was most likely his psycho ex (which they broke up OVER A YEAR AGO). He walks outside, then comes back inside to tell me that they have arrived. I tell my manager I’m taking a break, clock out, and walk outside. When I get there Ms. Psycho and her friend aren’t there, but her on again off again boyfriend is. So Chad and Brian are standing face to face when I walk up. Behind Brian, Ms. Psycho and her friend are walking up smoking a cigarette. (I think she thinks that’s cool or something). Anyway, there are lots of exchanged words and the Ms. Psycho asks if she can speak to me alone because we have always been able to talk calmly. (yes, this isn’t my first, and probably not last confrontation I’ve had with this girl.) She goes on to say how nice I am and that she’s so thankful for the other night because I messaged her on tumblr asking if she needed anything because she made this post:

“I can not do it

it’s been done. i actually just took my entire bottle of prozac. and i saved all this alcohol in my room for a reason. you were right, my uncle didn’t care enough about me to stick around, so clearly there’s no reason for me to stick around either. my followers are some of the best people ever. thank you guys for your continued support. i love you all. see ya on the other side.”

So for some unknown reason, I tried to help. Which she texted me right after and said that she didn’t need my help, nor did she want it, but yet in the confrontation she said she was grateful. Weird.

She wanted to have this confrontation because apparently someone is harassing her and it HAS to be Chad, at least in her opinion. While Ms. Psycho and I are talking so are Chad and Brian. Then here’s where things get even more fun, he calls me a bitch and I swear to you guys, I almost lost it. Chad came to my rescue and defended me, and I defended myself as well. Then later on Brian says that he wants to “beat [Chad’s] ass” so I told him I would beat his. (not my most mature moment). and he said that I wouldn’t I told him to try me and to come to me ( I was probably like five-ish feet away) he said no at first, but eventually started walking towards me. Ms. Psycho ruined things because she told Brian to back off because she was scared he would get hurt. hhahaha. Then he said that he was challenged so that’s why he walked towards me. I then told him that he was even more psycho than Ms. Psycho and that they were made for each other. Then he started picking on Chad saying he wasn’t going anywhere in life and that he was stuck at our town working at the supermarket. (which by the way he’s the accountant at, no shmuck job) Then I start defending him because Brian has no room to talk. He doesn’t even have a job. Then Ms. Psycho says that “we’re all good now and that we can go our separate ways finally”. Which I responded with “you know that’s not true. I’ve been dealing with you and the things you cause for over a year. No matter how many times we say we’re done, I still somehow find myself meeting up with you somewhere for a new problem” Or something like that. We say our goodbyes once more and part.

So all in all I’m happy with Chad, we defended each other, they didn’t stick up for each other, and they’re both psycho.

If I forgot anything about this I’ll make another post.

Also, I know what you’re thinking, “why don’t you just ignore it???” or at least something like that. I’ve been trying to do that very thing for over a year now. It’s difficult and a lot has happened between Ms. Psycho, Chad, and I. Too bad I didn’t have this blog since the beginning so you guys would know everything. Maybe one day I’ll talk about it all. 


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