Time is going by so quickly and all I want is for it to be able to slow down for a little while..

I had a sudden realization last night while I was lying in bed. This is the last year with my family for all of their birthdays and things like that. The last year I’ll go to one of my cousin’s stupid horse shows, the last year I’ll be with my beautiful mother on her birthday, the last year I’ll be able to see my cousin, Luke, who only comes down from New York a couple times a year, the last time I’ll be able to have random sleepovers at my Grandma’s house because I’m never too old to play cards and watch silly movies with her. The last time I’ll be with my boyfriend’s family for their family dinners, for any of his family members birthday’s, for his birthday, for any of our ____ year anniversaries, and all I can do is cry and have panic attacks about it. All I’ve ever wanted was to go far away for college, but is it worth missing important family events? Is it worth potentially ruining mine and my boyfriend’s relationship?

I’ve taken graduate pictures.

I’ve put in the graduate superlatives.

I’ve chosen the picture I want to be in the final yearbook I’ll ever have from my school.

I’ve ordered my cap, gown, and invitations to my graduation party.

I’ve finished any college application I wanted to submit.

All I want is for time to SLOW DOWN. I’ve been saying for years that I couldn’t wait to get out of this god awful town, and I haven’t taken the time to appreciate everything that it’s done for me.


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