Seven Days

Seven days is all that stands between me and winter break. One week. Seven days… I can do this… right?

I’ve never been more stressed about finishing a semester than I am now. This is my final year at this god awful school before I graduate with my High School Diploma and my Associate’s Degree in Science. Despite what everyone has said to me and about me, I’m going to graduate with my degree. I wasn’t at this school for five years not to.

I swear my teachers thought process is “oh hey, there’s only a week left? Here’s 154646546513215646519010561 things to complete by December 12 at midnight 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 “

On top of that, I’m trying really hard to end with good grades, but I know my final for Anatomy and Physiology is going to kill me.

I can’t wait to just be done and relax before my final semester EVER at this school. Knowing I only have one semester after this one is over is the most accomplishing feeling ever, because no matter how much I wanted to quit and go to a regular, traditional high school, I didn’t.


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