I Can Smell the Roses..


Spring break is in the air. Which means that when I return back to school, I have a little less than twenty days left until graduation, and that’s including weekends.
Needless to say, it’s going to be the most hectic twenty-ish days of my entire life thus far. I have to prepare for final exams, final papers, preparing for TWO graduations, preparing the slide shows for my high school graduation, and actually preparing myself to walk across the stage I never thought I would be alive to see.
Everything is set in stone. I have committed to a university, I have a roommate, I have declared my major as nursing. Everything academically speaking is falling into place.
This year has been the most stressful, but I’m the most thankful for it. My college counselor told me at the beginning of last year that I wouldn’t be able to bring up my GPA enough to actually graduate and I made it my personal goal to prove her wrong. Not only have I proved her wrong a little, but I even surprised myself a little. I’m ending this school year with an unweighted 3.4 GPA and I’m graduating with my Associates Degree in Science, the very two things she told me weren’t possible.
So in conclusion of this late night rant: Fuck you, Mrs. Gagne. Don’t ever tell me I can’t do something.


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