The last time I wrote about having 20 days left I was speaking of Spring Break, but now I have another reason to be counting down the very same amount of days.

In a little over 20 days, I will be embarking on the journey of a lifetime. Well, maybe not that amazing, but I am moving into college! While I’m moving in early and don’t get to experience the hectic and chaotic “Move-In Day 2014” of about 1700 students, I’m still very excited to begin my journey.

For the first time ever I’ve been able to pick my own classes and class times and really been able to do what I want. I know I said I chose nursing as my major, but I’m thinking of changing… I’m really interested in audiology and working with deaf people/kids, so I made the decision to add Sign Language to my class schedule! I already know some ASL so it should be fairly easy, but this way I’ll really be able to tell if it’s something I want to do or not!

Meanwhile, I’m terrified of a few things… Getting lost, not keeping my grades up, stuff getting stolen, and forgetting something at home when I leave. I’ve been making list after list after list, but I still feel like I’m forgetting things.

Why does this have to be so stressful? I’m not even there yet!


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