First Week of College

The first week of college was interesting to say the least. I was required to attend a camp for the first week of school before classes started because of the leadership program that I’m in. I went from not knowing anyone and worried if anyone would like me to kind of knowing people and still wondering if they would like me..

The camp was five days long and during that time we did all sorts of activities for team building and leadership. We went zip lining and I got to help a girl named Maddie conquer her fears of heights (I was so excited about that), we walked up so many hills I’m shocked my calves and ass aren’t rock solid, and cried our eyes out while we talked about fears, past lives, and other obstacles each and every one of us have had to face.

My roommate, Ashley, moved in and we both are still trying to get settled and see what works best for us. We both have made a pretty decent size group of friends, some the same, some different. It’s difficult sharing space with someone, but if I had to choose someone to share it with, I can’t imagine I would pick anyone other than her because she’s so understanding of everything that could potentially bother me.

I took time out of my day to walk to every one of my classes just to have an idea of where I’m going in the mornings (which it’s still highly possible that I’m going to get lost).


Meanwhile, classes start tomorrow morning and I have a class at 8:30 and my roommate decided to have five million people over and watch a disney movie marathon. Right after we talked about how I wanted to go to sleep kind of early so I could be rested for classes tomorrow. I’m starting to rethink my decision of liking her as my roommate. 


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