Roommates. Yes Roommates, not roomies. Because she hasn’t and probably won’t earn that title.

You can’t live with them and you can’t live without them. Whether they’re your best friends, acquaintances, or even better yet: the random roommates that your university pairs you up with based on some light-hearted survey.

Everyone constantly hears horror stories about how people’s roommates have stolen from them, watched them sleep, or some other absurdly insane experience.

Here’s mine:

Now I wouldn’t consider the current predicament that I’m in a horror story, but I definitely wouldn’t say that it’s a love story either. Currently as I’m writing this we haven’t spoken in two days other than what is actually required and she keeps walking passed my door and looking at me thinking I’m not noticing because of my typing. (Make that six times currently, but who’s counting? Oh, now seven)

Room inspections are tonight and I guess maybe that’s one of the reasons the tension is so high. But as I find myself relaxing in my room after just finishing all the cleaning that I’ve done as my contribution, here she comes stomping around saying that she’s tired of doing everything around the apartment. I just kind of looked at her in a confused haze and said “WHAT” in my, probably bitchy, tone.

Here’s the thing about said roommate. I love her to death, but there’s just those little quirks that make her personality and mine clash.

Vanity, or the actual act of being vain, isn’t becoming of anyone. I love confidence. It is anxiety and depression awareness week, so I love the people that are confident and help promote confidence in others. Vanity on the other hand, is completely different. So please for the love of goodness sake PLEASE stop looking at yourself in the mirror and saying how you’re so amazing and that you’re better than everyone else. Also, if you tell me that I need to go to the gym ONE MORE TIME I’m literally going to replace all of your fruit and veggies in the fridge with twinkies, ice cream, and anything else ungodly fattening.

I’d rather be fat and happy than skinny and having to count calories every second of every day and practically starving yourself so people will “accept you”. Every one is beautiful in their own ways.

Make love, not war beautiful roommate of mine.

Rant over.


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