They’re kind of silly when you think of them semantically. Like “congratulations pal, we made it X amount of years! Now let’s do some random activity and have sex all night to celebrate”. Nonetheless, my anniversary with my boyfriend is coming up (5years) and I couldn’t be more excited or giddy about it. 

I feel like 5 years is sort of like a mini milestone and it deserves to be celebrated and praised. Does it make me sound like a spoiled brat if I say we better not just be going to dinner…? Every time we hang out we go to dinner/something of the sense and I want to do something special. No I’m not meaning skydiving, bungee jumping, riding a camel, or anything else ridiculously out of the box and so unlike my boyfriend, but something more than just dinner. 

For anyone that’s celebrated a 5 year anniversary, or any anniversary for that matter, what have you guys done? What have you gotten your significant other? I need help because after 5 years of present giving my ideas are becoming slim-to-none. 


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