Girls Are Mean

I’ve been reflecting on a lot lately, and I’ve noticed something that’s become abundantly clear… girls are mean- really mean. Including myself. When they’re threatened by another girl, they immediately begin nitpicking the other girl in question and commenting on their weight, looks, personality,  life choices, anything. FOR WHAT??

Why was I so insecure with myself and my circumstances at the time that I thought it was appropriate to belittle and demean another woman? I cannot believe that I succumbed  to what I did and said the things that I have to this one woman in particular over the years. Granted most of what I’m referring to was 5 years ago, but still. Words hurt and leave scars as much as physical wounds.

We should be lifting each other up, not tearing each other down. A lot of what I lashed out about was because of my own problems and insecurities, but it was still completely uncalled for and inappropriate.  I’ve learned a lot since the naive, mean girl that I once was but I will always have more to learn.

SO, to the girl that I’m talking about… I’m sorry for more things and in more ways than you even know. A lot of what I was mad at you for, it was actually anger at myself that was taken out on you.

We won’t ever be friends- and honestly I’m okay with that, but we don’t have to be enemies either. I wish you nothing but happiness in life and I hope you enjoy every part of life that’s on offer.


Build love, not hate.


3 thoughts on “Girls Are Mean

  1. codeinfig says:

    girls are people. people can be competitive. competition can be vicious, and done without awareness or intention. when girls get competitive or jealous, they can be vicious.

    ive yet to find any rule about one gender that doesnt apply in some instances to the other– besides obvious things like pregnancy and prostate issues.

    • Good Times, Even Better Vibes says:

      I absolutely agree! I definitely see the competitive side of this, but also my insane immaturity and inability to realize that the girl was also hurting. I wasn’t trying to stereotype and I completely agree with you.

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